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ODSupgradeThe Official Document System (ODS) is the repository of the United Nations parliamentary documents in six official UN languages. It includes documents of the Security Council, the General Assembly, the Economic and Social Council and their subsidiaries, as well as administrative issuances and other official content.

Since the introduction of the platform in 1993, it has undergone several technological upgrades. Including the launch of the ODS public site and direct access to ODS content via weblinks by document symbols.
Last year an ODS improvement project was initiated and the new version was launched in February 2016, offering the following new features:

  • accessibility on a wide range of mobile devices,
  • quick search as well as advanced search through Unite Search,
  • clearer presentation of search results (sorting option, document details, PDF and Word versions, etc.),
  • ability to store typical searches and bookmarks after logging into ODS with Unite Mail (Webmail) credentials, and much more.

The UN Library 'Dag Hammarskjöld Library' shows on its website a useful tool on how to find documents in ODS by symbol:


For more help and information check the 'Help Information' button on the ODS website.

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