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EUobserver is a not-for-profit, independent online newspaper established in Brussels in 2000 and celebrates its 20th birthday. It's goal is to fill the gap between the decision-makers in Brussels and the people they represent by reporting on how decisions are made in the European Union. By giving people the possibility of making their voice heard within the European institutions through articles, news stories, cross-border investigations, an opinion platform and through a quest for transparency and accountability.

Access to EUobserver

The University of Amsterdam has a group subscription to EUobserver, giving students and staff unlimited access to EU news content. To access EUobserver offsite or on your mobile device(s), you can register for free using your UvA email address. Click on the button 'Join EUobserver' to register and fill in your personal details to create your own account.

About EUobserver

The EUobserver is a not-for-profit, independent online and the fourth-most influential news platform in the European institutions with a daily circulation of 60,000 and covers the following:

  • News: daily coverage from Brussels of EU political and economic affairs.
  • Investigations: Investigative journalism at the EU level.
  • Analysis: background analysis and context that help readers make sense of the EU and better understand policy issues and their impact.
  • Opinions: Exclusive opinions or columns submitted by former and current politicians, authors, journalists, industry leaders, think tanks and academics.
  • Agenda: A sum-up of the agenda and key political events in Brussels and EU member states to stay ahead of political developments.
  • Focus: access to focus on green deal, coronavirus, nordic news, EU & China, youth & education.
  • Magazine EUobserver: a magazine on the committees of the European Parliament.

Other sources EU news

  • Research guide European law on the Law Library website with legal literature, case law, official documents, legislation and treaties from the European Union and it's institutions as well.
  • BlogActivEU: researchers of the Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance (ACELG) from the UvA comment on recent developments of the European Union.
  • Newsletter and publications from ACELG members.