New: Kluwer Arbitration (Beta)

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Using Kluwer Arbitration a lot?kluwer-arbitration-logo
Please try out the beta version of this website.
Although this interface is still under construction, the new search screen is a considerable improvement and the search works better than on the current site.

To enter, click on Kluwer Arbitration (beta) at the top-right-hand of the screen. A search screen will appear with a convenient arrangement of the available products and tools; an overview on books, journals, new content and practice tools.

On top you will find a search bar which makes it possible to search in All content.
Want to perform a specific search? Click on the arrow (at All content) and a drop-down menu will appear.
Narrow your search by clicking on the arrow at Advanced options on the right hand corner of the same screen.

The launch of this new version is planned for April 2017. Until then it is possible to give feedback for this beta site.

Kluwer Arbitration is an online resource for international arbitration research, containing commentaries of expert authors and an extensive collection of primary source materials.
For an overview of the wide range print publications, please consult the books and journals pages.