Kluwer International Tax Law: e-books, journals, and more

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After a successful trial period, the Law Library continues the subscription to Kluwer International Tax Law. Kluwer International Tax Law is a research platform containing several modules:

  • Tax Treaties: expert information about international tax treaties, including Klaus Vogel on Double Taxations Conventions, Schwarz on Tax Treaties and OECD, UN and US Model Treaties, and Commentaries.
  • Intertax Journal (incl. EC Tax Review Journal): articles on direct and indirect taxation around the world, reports on multinational tax developments, and other contributions from a global network of tax experts.
  • Permanent Establishment: country by country comparison of domestic PE regulations.
  • BEPS and Transfer Pricing: includes Transfer Pricing Quick-Answers Smart Chart and BEPS Country Smart Chart.
  • VAT: explanatory materials, how-to guides, and workflow tools.
  • News headlines: quick access to articles from Global daily tax news, Global VAT news, and Transfer pricing daily as well as posts from Kluwer international tax blog.

The subscription also includes multiple e-books on European and international tax law:

At the end of 2020, three more books will be added:

  • Fundamentals of EU VAT (2020)
  • Taxation of crypto assets
  • Transfer pricing developments around the world