Most read blog posts of 2016

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In 2016 almost 50 blog posts were published on our blog. In this first post of the new year we look back at the most read blog posts of 2016.

Top 5 English blog posts:

  1. Complete overview of books in Oxford Scholarly Authorities on International Law
  2. European Sources Online: news, analysis and information on the EU
  3. GlobaLex: free portal to international, foreign and comparative law materials
  4. Find-eR: new tool to find information on EU topics
  5. New: ECLI search engine

Top 5 Dutch blog posts:

  1. Hoe vind ik… wetsgeschiedenis en oude wetten?
  2. Online beschikbaar: oude drukken van Asser, Tekst & Commentaar en meer
  3. Inleiding in de shari’a
  4. Database met alle Bibob-jurisprudentie
  5. Hoe vind ik… online krantenartikelen?

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