New Law Library website

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Have you already visited our new site? Please give us some feedback!

With the launch of the new UvAweb this September, we also took the opportunity to improve the Law Library website.

So what's new?

We have reorganized our content and placed it in (research) guides. You can find them in our page item called 'Legal resources':

  • Use the button Database to quickly find a legal database in an alphabetical list.
  • If you want to find legal documents, consult the guides for an overview of the most important sources of legal literature, case law, legislation and treaties and official documents. They will help you find information more quickly and effectively.
  • Are you looking for legal information on a subject or a field of law? Consult the Research guides for an overview of the most important sources of legal information per field of law.
  • For in depth information on writing, searching, citing and more use our guide Doing research.

Note that our English page ( focuses on international law, if you are looking for Dutch legal information please visit the Dutch counterpart at: