New online resource: Kluwer Competition Law

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KluwerCompetitionLaw homepage

The Law Library recently gained access to Kluwer Competition Law, an online resource for EU and international competition law research.

Kluwer Competition Law contains:

  • EU legislation, Commission Decisions and Court Decisions;
  • Competition legislation of various jurisdictions;
  • All content from World Competition Law and Economics Review;
  • Selected articles from Common Market Law Review and Legal Issues of Economic Integration;
  • Articles from e-Competitions, published by the Institute of Competition Law;
  • Over 100 books and loose leafs from Kluwer Law International's competition law catalogue;
  • A News section and blog posts from the Kluwer Competition Law Blog.

Searching Kluwer Competition Law
All content on Kluwer Competition Law is fully searchable. It is also possible to browse by content type, jurisdiction and policy area. Take a look at Discover the features for more information.

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