Elgar advanced introductions to law

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The Elgar advanced introductions to law is a series of books written by experts in a specific subject area of law in the fields of public law, private law, comparative law and international law. The books are accessible introductions for students coming to the subject for the first time and offer concise and lucid surveys of the issues associated with the subject areas. They also offer insights that stimulate critical thinking and develop well-informed, nuanced critiques of the field that will challenge and extend the understanding of advanced students.

Collection Law Library

The Law Library has a selection of the series in printed version available in the library.
For example:

Advanced Introduction to Legal Research Methods - Ernst Hirsch Ballin (online available from 8 April until 7 May): this book contains the foundations of legal research methods offering a critical overview of the theories underlying methodological research. As well as the methods themselves, the book explores how such methods differ along critical, empirical, and fundamental lines, and how, by building on these approaches, legal research may contribute to well-considered developments in the law. It will benefit legal scholars who seek to understand the object and methods of their work, as well as law students looking to grasp the theoretical and methodological foundations of law and legal development.

Advanced Introduction to International Intellectual Property Law - Susy Frankel and Daniel J. Gervais (compulsory reading material for the course International Intellectual Property Law): this book provides a detailed overview of the international intellectual property regime and the ways in which it operates. The authors cover the key international institutions and agreements that regulate and inform intellectual property at an international level such as the TRIPS Agreement, WIPO, WTO, the Paris Convention and the Berne Convention.

Free trial to online Elgar advanced introductions to law

The Law Library has access to a free trail to the online Elgar advanced introductions to law series for one month from 8 April 2021 until 7 May 2021. UvA students and staff have automatically access to the online series in UvA buildings and from any other internet connection via UvA VPN.
You can search across the entire content using the quick search bar or you can refine your search using the advanced search options.

Concise introduction to the Elgar series at YouTube