SSRN improves and gets easier

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ssrnThe worldwide Social Science Research Network, SSRN (see our former blog 'what is SSRN' about the Amsterdam law School Series on SSRN), recently released the ability to view a PDF in the browser; simplifying access and opening up a host of capabilities for readers and mobile users.

Over the next few months, SSRN will release the following improvements:

1) Advanced Search for SSRN’s eLibrary (which will allow users to filter by subject network in addition to search term, author name and paper date);

2) allow authors to upload a photo and CV to their SSRN Author Pages;

3) greatly improve the ability to find and select a co-author during the submission process;

4) create comprehensive Organization Home Pages that present a summary of individual organizations’ activity on SSRN with easy access to their authors, papers, metrics, Research Paper Series, Conferences, and rankings.

Read the SSRN Blog for additional information. Especially the series 'did you know' is very useful for tips, tricks and troubleshooting techniques for participating in the SSRN Community.


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