Unpaywall helps you find open access journal articles

Although the library provides access to many journals, you might need an article that is behind a paywall. Unpaywall could be a solution: it helps you find free, open access copies of the publication that you want to read.

How does it work?
Unpaywall is a free browser extension, available for Firefox and Chrome. When Unpaywall detects an open access version of the article that you have found e.g. on a journal's website or database, a coloured tab will appear on the right side of your browser screen:

  • a gold tab for articles available from the publisher under an open license (golden road);
  • a green tab for articles from an institutional repository or preprint server (green road);
  • a blue tab for articles available on the current page, but lacking license information (often because you already have paid access);
  • a grey tab means there is no free full-text version available.

More information and instructions on changing the settings are available on Unpaywall's website.

Results may vary
Unpaywall gathers content from various open-access repositories and databases, including Google Scholar, the DOAJ and Crossref. It claims to find full-text versions for 50-85% of articles. The success rate depends on various factors; the main requirements are that the author has published an open access copy of the article and that the article has a DOI.

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