ESIL Book Prize 2015

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The project of positivism in international lawLast month, the 2015 European Society of International Law (ESIL) Book Prize was awarded to Dr. Mónica García-Salmones Rovira (Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Helsinki) for her book The Project of Positivism in International Law.

According to the jury "this book retells the story of positivism in international law in a way that profoundly challenges received understanding of the history of international legal positivism, the key protagonists in that history, and the nature of the political project involved."

The ESIL Book Prize is awarded annually to an outstanding work in the field of international law, published by a European publisher or written by a European scholar. Previous winners include Ingo Venzke (associate professor at the University of Amsterdam) for his book How Interpretation Makes International Law. On Semantic Change and Normative Twists.

Both of these books are available as e-book via Oxford Scholarschip Online - Law, a rapidly expanding collection of (legal) e-books published by Oxford University Press.