Beck-online: access to German legal resources

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Beck-online is a full text database, providing access to German legal resources. The database offers legal information, commentaries, annotations and legal journals including access to archives, case law as well as a complete collection of German federal and state law.

Search in Beck-online
Beck-Online is only accessible in UvA buildings. Home access is not allowed/possible. Under the search-button 'Suche' you can click on 'Detailsuche' to use the andvanced search. In the advanced search you can select several options to search for example case law, treaties and commentaries.

Beck-online brief user-guide (English)
The user interface, search functions, and materials are all in German. However, it offers an English-language user guide, which provides information about how to search and navigate the database. For access click 'Hilfe' in the upper-right corner of the screen, and then click Kurtzanleitung/Brief User Guide in the menu on the left.

Content overview (inhaltsübersicht)
The law Library has a Premium subscription. To see a detailed list, organized by source type, of all of the content available through our subscription, click 'Unsere Inhaltsübersicht' on the orange 'Unser Beck-online tab' on the left.

Sources on the content overview page are listed alphabetically, either by author name or title.

Available in Beck-Online:

Make sure you know the abbreviations, heavily used in German law, for statutory code names, court names, and publication titles. For an overview of the abbreviations you can consult
Abkürzungsverzeichnis der Rechtssprache / bearbeitet von Eike Böttcher (184: W.908) in our library.