Westlaw UK - what's new?

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Westlaw UK offers access to databases of UK case law and case reports, legislation, news, legal journals, commentary and EU legal materials.

You can access the database on our website under 'other (legal) databases' and select 'Westlaw UK'.

What can I find in Westlaw UK?

  • Cases contains U.K. court decisions (with selected coverage beginning in 1220). You can search or browse across case law content. 
  • The most up-to-date versions of legislation in relation to England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland dating back to 1267. Also available are draft statutory instruments that relate to Brexit and amend both enacted UK legislation and what will become the Retained EU Legislation.
  • Journals contains thousands of full-text articles from titles published by Sweet & Maxwell, Oxford University Press, Bloomsbury Publishing and more. In addition, there is an article abstracts service. This includes the Legal Journals Index (LJI) and Financial Journals Index (FJI). It contains over half a million abstracts of articles from English language legal journals published in the United Kingdom and Europe.
  • The Current awareness page enables you to search and browse the latest developments. You can browse by document type or by topic.
  • EU contains primary and secondary legislation, case law, preparatory acts, parliamentary questions, information and notices in the Official Journals C Series and national measures.

Westlaw UK books

A number of e-books about all kinds of topics are available under the tab 'books': click on the arrow in the upper left corner to open Westlaw UK books. Now you can search for books by topic, jurisdiction (mainly UK but also European Union and other jurisdictions) and publishers/series.
Please note that the Law Library has no access to the content of the tab 'practical law'.

A selection of UK Westlaw books

More information

In the lower bar (scroll all the way down) you can find the Westlaw UK user guides and the quick reference guides for guidance on using and contents of Westlaw UK.
Westlaw UK is recommended for UK research and not to be confused with Westlaw which concentrates on US research. For content and a manual for Westlaw, you can check our website. Read also our previous blog post about how to find e-books in Westlaw.