How to find English translations of Dutch law

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Dutch legislation and regulations are officially published in the Staatsblad and the Staatscourant. Finding an English translation of Dutch legislation is often difficult. English translations are only occasionally available and most of the translations are unofficial and out of date. Below are various websites with English translations of Dutch legislation.

Constitutional and administrative law
Some translated acts can be found on the websites of Dutch governmental organizations and ministries: the Constitution, Provinces act, Municipalities act, Dutch General Administrative Law Act, and Telecommunications Act.

Criminal law
A translation of Dutch Penal Code was published in The American series of foreign penal codes and is available via HeinOnline. A recent English translation of Criminal Code of the Netherlands is available via the European Judicial Training Network (EJTN).

Private law
On the website of Dutch Civil Law you can find English translations of the Dutch Civil Code as well as of parts of Code of Civil Procedure of the Netherlands, Bankruptcy Act,Β Competition Act and Financial Supervision Act.

Intellectual property
The website of IViR provides English translations of Copyright Act, Database Act, Neighbouring Rights Act, Act on the supervision of collective management organizations for copyright and related rights and Patent Act.

The online publication Warendorf Dutch Civil and Commercial Law Legislation in Kluwer Navigator provides a combination of Dutch legislation and the English translation, which is suitable for the practice of international law. The library also has a subscription to the online legal dictionary Legal-Economic Lexicon with which you can find a correct translation yourself.