Goodbye Westlaw International, welcome WestlawNext!

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After a long time of service, the time has come for Westlaw International to retire. It will be replaced by WestlawNext on 18 December.

WestlawNext provides access to the same legal content, but makes it available through a more modern interface with a more clear search result and document display.

A big improvement is the ‘advanced search’ provided for the several collections and resources and the possibility to refine your search result afterwards by publication type, date and more.

Country collections
The start page of WestlawNext concentrates on US research; you can choose a specific US collection or use the search box and search directly in all the content.

To search in another country collection, choose International materials (1) > country of your choice. Again, you can search a whole country collection with the search box or first specify a document type (e.g. cases).

Note that the advanced search (2) will alter based on the document type that you have chosen; in the case law collection the advanced search will provide additional search fields for party name, court etc. We recommend to use this.

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Specific journal or collection
The search box can also be used to search for a specific journal, collection or resource  e.g. Criminal Law Review, World Journals, Restatements & Principles of the Law, United Kingdom Cases (3). The autocomplete function will help you with this.

World Journals
The World Journals collection contains 1.000 leading international journals and law reviews from the US, across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Canada. To quickly search this collection, use the direct link or search for ‘World Journals’ in the search box from the start page. Again we recommend to use the advanced search for better search results when searching for articles.

Getting started
Training materials are available from Thomson Reuters:
Getting Started with WestlawNext video
Getting Started with WestlawNext user guide

Having problems using WestlawNext? Please contact the Law Library.

Courses for WestlawNext are being planned for the beginning of the new year. Please refer to the Law Library website for (upcoming) dates and registration.