New acquisition: A history of intellectual property in 50 objects

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Interested in intellectual property or just want to know and understand more about its  importance and influence in human history and the development of technology?
Our new acquisition in the Law Library collection: A history of intellectual property in 50 objects (184: M.6.a.1.KAMP his) illustrates this by explaining IP, its development and history through 50 objects.

The 50 contributions

Not only the 50 chosen objects vary from a football to a post-it, from the Mona Lisa to the bitcoin but also the contributors vary from law and history to sociology, media studies, horticulture, science and technology studies from all around the world.

The lightbulb

One of the contributors, Stef van Gompel, is senior researcher and lecturer in intellectual property law at the Institute for Information Law at the University of Amsterdam. His object is one from the 'Age of invention', the lightbulb (access UvAnetID), explaining the patent law.

More about the book

Want to read and know more about this book? Read the article in WIPO Magazine written by the editor Claudy op den Kamp or listen to the Bloomberg Law podcast where the editor discusses her book in an interview.

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