Find-eR: new tool to find information on EU topics

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The European Commission Library has launched a new search tool: Find-eR. Find-eR, short for 'Find electronic Resources', makes it possible to search multiple library resources in one interface. It replaces ECLAS, the previous EC library catalogue.

Find-eR contains paper documents from the EC library collection, but also online journal articles and e-books. Consult the list of databases to see which sources are included. A list of Open Access resources is also available.

Start a basic search on the Commission's Library and e-Resources Centre website (pictured above) or begin your search on the Find-eR homepage (pictured below). The 'How to search' page offers instructions on using the different search options. Although it is not always possible for non-EC staff to access the e-books or e-journals, Find-eR can be a handy tool to find references to useful publications. These references can be used to find the publication in the UvA Catalogue.

Find-eR homepage

For more information on finding EU documents, please refer to the European Law research guide on the Law Library website.