Coronavirus related open access research papers on SSRN

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Since 2011 the Amsterdam Law School has started its own series on Social Science Research Network (SSRN). Since the outbreak of Covid-19, SSRN has developed the Coronavirus and Infectious Disease Research page in order to make coronavirus-related research available immediately. Researchers at Amsterdam Law School take a closer look on the role of law in dealing with the pandemic and have submitted their outcome open access at SSRN.

Coronavirus and Infectious Disease research page

SSRN is an open access research platform to share (working) papers and connect academics and other researchers around the world. Many of the articles available on SSRN are shared years before they are
published in a journal. Research on SSRN is free to download and upload and therefor easy
for authors to share their work while making it discoverable for academics and other researchers in their field.
To accelerate the dissemination of coronavirus-related early research SSRN presents the Coronavirus and Infectious Disease research page in three categories:
- COVID-19 Research - on the COVID-19 global health crisis
- Infectious Disease Research - on infectious diseases including coronavirus, SARS, MERS and Ebola
- Interdisciplinary Coronavirus & Infectious Disease Related Research - related to public health, legal, economic, societal and fiscal implications

Interdisciplinary Coronavirus & Infectious Disease Related Research

The Amsterdam Law School has submitted these last months several papers related to the coronavirus and law disseminated in the topic Interdisciplinary Coronavirus & Infectious Disease Related Research:
- Compliance in the 1.5 Meter Society: Longitudinal Analysis of Citizens’ Adherence to COVID-19 Mitigation Measures in a Representative Sample in the Netherlands Chris Reinders Folmer, Malouke Esra Kuiper, Elke Olthuis, Emmeke Barbara Kooistra, Anne Leonore de Bruijn, Megan Brownlee, Adam Fine and Benjamin van Rooij
- Corona Crisis Cartels: Sense and Sensibility Maarten Pieter Schinkel and Abel d'Ailly
- COVID-19 and Privacy in the European Union: A Legal Perspective on Contact Tracing Hannah van Kolfschooten and A. de Ruijter
- The Intelligent Lockdown: Compliance with COVID-19 Mitigation Measures in the Netherlands Malouke Esra Kuiper, Anne Leonore de Bruijn, Chris Reinders Folmer, Elke Olthuis, Megan Brownlee, Emmeke Barbara Kooistra, Adam Fine and Benjamin van Rooij
- Mitigating COVID-19 in a Nationally Representative UK Sample: Personal Abilities and Obligation to Obey the Law Shape Compliance with Mitigation Measures Emmeke Barbara Kooistra, Chris Reinders Folmer, Malouke Esra Kuiper, Elke Olthuis, Megan Brownlee, Adam Fine and Benjamin van Rooij
- Compliance with COVID-19 Mitigation Measures in the United States Benjamin van Rooij, Anne Leonore de Bruijn, Chris Reinders Folmer, Emmeke Barbara Kooistra, Malouke Esra Kuiper, Megan Brownlee, Elke Olthuis and Adam Fine
- More Competences than you Knew? The Web of Health Competences for Union Action in Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak Kai P. Purnhagen, Mark Leslie Flear, Tamara Hervey, Alexia Herwig and A. de Ruijter
- From Diversity to Coordination: A European Approach to COVID19 Alessio M. Pacces and Maria Weimer

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