New and improved research guides

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Two new research guides are now available on the Law Library's website: Law & Finance and International Trade and Investment Law. Additionally, the Competition Law & Regulation guide has been improved.

The Law Library's research guides are meant as a starting point for legal research. Each guide offers an overview of important resources on a particular field of law, including the main databases, authoritative journals and handbooks, commentaries and case law. The guides are based on the Master's programmes offered by the Amsterdam Law School.

Visit the library's website for an overview of all available research guides in English and in Dutch.

Searching, writing and citing
Do you want to know more about doing legal research? Useful tips and more resources for in-depth legal research can be found in the guide Searching, writing and citing. In addition to information on search techniques and citation rules, you'll also find a list of books on research methodologies and legal writing.