Directory of EU Case Law on Competition

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Searching for relevant cases on aspects of EU competition law? The second, expanded, edition of Directory of EU Case Law on Competition by René Barents (judge at the General Court of the EU) is now available through Kluwer Competition Law.

Directory of EU Case Law covers all decisions of the Court of Justice and the General Court of the EU on competition law through the end of 2016. It aims to improve the accessibility of the EU courts' decisions on EU treaty rules and legislation on antitrust and mergers.

In order to help find case law as quickly as possible the book offers hundreds of subject headings presenting every point from which a researcher is likely to start. Within each topic extracts are arranged from cases with a more general meaning to extracts relating to specific points or situations.

Available in the same series is Directory of EC Case Law on State Aids.

Kluwer Competition Law
Kluwer Competition Law is an online resource for EU and international competition law research. It provides access to over 100 books, articles from several Kluwer journals and more. Read more about Kluwer Competition Law in our previous blog post.

The library also subscribes to Kluwer Arbitration, a database that is similar as far as layout, but with a focus on international arbitration research. It contains commentaries of expert authors and an extensive collection of primary source materials.