LERU Law Portal

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LERU Law PortalThe League of European Research Universities (LERU) recently launched a new portal: the LERU Law Portal. This portal allows you to discover the research conducted by law departments of 12 of Europe’s leading universities, one of which is the University of Amsterdam.

The LERU Law Portal allows you to search over 32,000 records, drawn from the repositories of the participating law faculties. It contains references to articles, book chapters and other scholarly output. Most of the documents are full text available and many are even freely available as Open Access articles.

You can search all LERU content by typing keywords in the search box. It is also possible to browse the content by university or date.

The portal is built by The European Library, a membership organisation of over 80 European national and research libraries. A list of the universities participating in the Law Portal is available if you browse by University.