Online resources for finding foreign law

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Foreign lawDo you want to learn more about the legal system of a specific country? Or are you looking for case law or legislation from other countries? There are several online resources dedicated to foreign law.


European e-Justice Portal
The European e-Justice Portal is maintained by the European Commission. It provides information on EU law as well as information on the legal systems of all EU member states in 23 languages. The portal also contains links to the national legislation databases and case law databases.

N-Lex (maintained by the EU Publication Office) is a gateway to the national law of the EU member states. N-Lex provides information on the structure and content of the national legal systems as well as links to each country's national databases.

Guide to Law Online
The Guide to Law Online is an annotated guide to sources of information on government and law available online. The section Nations of the World provides links to constitutional, executive, judicial and legislative resources for all countries in the world. It also contains references to legal guides and general sources about each country. The guide is compiled by the Law Library of Congress.

Other sources
The guide Legislation and treaties on the Law Library website offers an overview of more resources for finding foreign legislation and treaties. Refer to the Case law guide for more international case law sources.