How to find e-books in Westlaw

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Westlaw is a legal database, well known for its elaborate collection of US resources as well as a large collection of leading international journals. What is less known, is that it also provides access to quite a few treatises and handbooks. However, these e-books can be difficult to find.

This blog post aims to give some pointers on how to find e-books in Westlaw and provide an overview of selected handbooks that are available through Westlaw. Unfortunately, there is no complete list of all available titles.

Search for a specific title
If you are looking for a specific book, enter the title in the search box at the top of the homepage. If it is available in Westlaw, the title will appear as a suggestion (Looking for this?).

Texts and treatises on US law
Books on US law can be found by clicking Secondary Sources on the homepage. On the next page, use the menu on the left to filter by publication type and topic. There are over 2,000 books available, for example:

Choose Secondary Sources for US books; choose International Materials for books on the law of other countries.

Treatises on the law of other countries
Treatises on the law of other countries than the US are available under International Materials. Use the link International materials on the homepage and then select Treatises (under Content Types). Click on the name of a country/region for an overview of available treatises.

Selected books on EU law:

Selected books on UK law:

More on Westlaw
Do you need some help using Westlaw? The Law Library's Westlaw support page contains more information on Westlaw as well as a quick start guide and other instructional materials.