Improve your search skills with HeinOnline tutorials

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HeinOnline has created a series of short videos to help students and researchers searching and navigating the HeinOnline database.

Searching 101
The tutorial Searching 101 explains the basics of searching HeinOnline and will teach you the most efficient research strategies. After watching the video you will be able to quickly find the information you need.

HeinOnline Help & Support
Besides Searching 101 HeinOnline also provides videos about specific features and tools, for example tutorials on creating alerts and saving documents to Dropbox. All videos are available on the Help & Support page.

If you prefer written instructions instead of videos, please take a look at the Training Guides. Read our previous blog posts for additional information.

New to HeinOnline?
HeinOnline is a full text database containing hundreds of U.S. and international legal journals and other legal sources. Watch the video below for a quick overview of the content and tools available in this important database.