New subscriptions to Kluwer IEL

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The Law Library recently subscribed to two new subsets of the International Encyclopaedia of Laws (IEL), a helpful source for anyone conducting comparative legal research.

IEL is a series of 25 reference works; five of these are now available through Kluwer Law Online (under the Manuals tab).

International Encyclopaedia for Tort Law
The first new subscription is to IEL Tort Law. This subset consists of a general introduction, in which particular attention is paid to

  • the aims of the law of torts
  • the distinction between tort and crime
  • the relationship between tort and contract.

Subsequently, national monographs describe how each national legal system governs the field of tort law.

International Encyclopaedia for Commercial and Economic law
The second newly available subset is to IEL Commercial and Economic Law.

Commercial law covers merchants’ status and obligations (such as bookkeeping), their bankruptcy, and their instruments for business.

Economic law, a relatively new legal branch, deals with state intervention in economic activities and includes law of establishment, law of competition, and state regulation of conditions of commercial transactions.

Other subscriptions to the International Encyclopaedia of Laws
The UvA library also subscribes to:

You can read more about the International Encyclopaedia of Laws in our previous blog post.