Complete overview of books in Oxford Scholarly Authorities on International Law


Oxford Scholarly Authorities on International Law (OSAIL) provides full text access to online reference works and treatises on international law, published by Oxford University Press. After several updates OSAIL now contains almost 130 books; new titles are added twice a year.

Below is an overview of all books currently available in OSAIL including direct links to the full text (available within the UvA network).

General Treatments of International Law

Law of Treaties

Diplomatic Law


Law of Responsibility

Statehood and Recognition

Human Rights Law
Schabas: The European Convention on Human Rights: A Commentary
Shelton: Remedies in International Human Rights Law 3rd ed.
Zimmermann: The 1951 Convention Relating To the Status of Refugees and its 1967 Protocol: A Commentary
Freeman: The UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women: A Commentary
Joseph et al: International Covenant on Civil Political Rights 3rd ed.
Nowak: The United Nations Convention against Torture: A Commentary
Shelton: The Oxford Handbook of International Human Rights Law
Doswald-Beck: Human Rights in Times of Conflict and Terrorism
Lauterpacht: An International Bill of Rights of Man
Tomuschat: Human Rights – between Idealism and Realism 3rd ed.
Burgorgue-Larsen and Ubeda de Torres: The Inter-American Court of Human Rights Case Law and Commentary
Saul, Kinley, and Mowbray: The International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights Commentary, Cases, and Materials
Trechsel: Human Rights in International Criminal Proceedings
Clapham: Human Rights Obligations of Non-State Actors

Refugee Law

International and Transnational Criminal Law
Stahn et al: The Law and Practice of the International Criminal Court
O’Keefe: The International Criminal Law
Cassese: The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court: A Commentary
Schabas: The International Criminal Court: A Commentary on the Rome Statute
Cassese et al: The Oxford Companion to International Criminal Justice
Zappala et al: International Criminal Procedure : Principles and Rules
Ambos: Treatise on International Criminal Law: Volume 1: Foundations and General Part
Ambos: Treatise on International Criminal Law: Volume 2: The Crimes and Sentencing
Safferling: International Criminal Procedure
Gaeta: The UN Genocide Convention: A Commentary
McClean: Transnational Organized Crime: A Commentary
Boister: Introduction to Transnational Criminal Law
Salinas De Frias: Counter-Terrorism: International Law and Practice
Bassiouni: International Extradition – United States Law and Practice
Khan et al: Principles of Evidence in International Criminal Justice
Van Sliedregt: Individual Criminal Responsibility 2nd ed.

International Courts and Tribunals

Use of Force/Humanitarian Law
Clapham et al: The 1949 Geneva Conventions: A Commentary
Weller et al: The Oxford Handbook of the Use of Force in International Law
Fleck: Handbook of International Humanitarian Law 3rd ed.
Clapham & Gaeta: The Oxford Handbook of International Law in Armed Conflict
UK Ministry of Defence: The Manual of the Law of Armed Conflict
Sivakumaran: Law of Non-International Armed Conflict
Boothby: The Law of Targeting
Casey-Maslen: War Report 2012
Casey-Maslen: War Report 2013
Doswald-Beck: Human Rights in Times of Conflict and Terrorism
Benvenisti: International Law of Occupation 2nd ed.
Wilmshurst: International Law and the Classification of Conflicts
Gill & Fleck: The Handbook of the International Law of Military Operations 2nd ed.
Krutzsch, Myjer, and Trapp: The Chemical Weapons Convention (Commentary)
Gray: International Law and Use of Force 3rd ed.
Metzler: Targeted Killings in International Law
Casey-Maslen: Commentaries on Arms Control Treaties Volume 1 (2nd edition) : The Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production, and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and on their Destruction
Nystuen, Casey-Maslen et al: The Convention on Cluster Munitions (Commentary)

Law of the UN

Foreign Relations Law

History of International Law

International Economic Law

Trade Law

Investment Law

Environmental Law

Law of the Sea

Air and Space Law

Energy Law

Law of Jurisdiction

Financial Law

Law of Co-operation

Sources of International Law

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